Colombo Design Studio Logo website design and build

We have recently designed and developed the website for a travel company offering a bespoke and personal holiday in Sri Lanka. We did all aspects in house, including the logo design, the website design and structure and the coding … Continued

Sri Lanka Design Festival 2014

This Thursday marks the start of Sri Lanka Design Festival 2014, which promises to be an interesting weekend of exhibitions and talks here in Colombo. Check out the program below and head over to the offical website for more news … Continued

Kids water bottle design for Atlas

We’ve been working on an extensive product design program for Atlast (AKA Ceylon Pencil Company) and a few products are beginning to hit the shop floors, such as these BPA free water bottles for kids, which come in a range … Continued

waggl : navigation aid for the blind

At Colombo Design Studio we’re always having ideas that we think are fun, practical or make life better or easier for people. Waggl (named after the famous dance that bees to to pass on directions) is one of those ideas … Continued