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We design great products

Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

Computer Aided Design

We use industry leading 3D CAD software to create precise virtual models of your product, including all internal components, fixtures, material properties and appearance. Mechanisms can be prototyped and tested, and parts can be analysed for strength using FEA analysis.

This data can be used to generate photorealistic images of your product to showcase the design long before production. These can be used for pack shots, promotional materials and assembly manuals.


When it comes to the 3D data for your product it is vital that it is accurate, comprehensive and made to an industry standard. We have been using Solidworks 3D CAD software for well over fifteen years to successfully create production ready CAD data for many sectors, from consumer electronics to aeroplane interiors and aircraft seating.

Whether it be a complicated assembly with many sizes and configurations, or an organic, sculptural form that requires accurate, curvature continuous surface data, we are able to quickly and confidently build the required computer model.

Solidworks allows us to analyse, visualise and materialise your idea, with a comprehensive set of tools created to suit the design process.

2D to 3D conversion

We are able to create and edit or modify your 2D AutoCAD drawings. But more than that, we can quickly and accurately take your 2D data and turn it into a 3D CAD model, giving you greater insight into your design.

Once your design is in 3D the data can be used to improve the design. Some of the advantages of a 3D CAD model are as follows:

  • analyse the shape, proportion and aesthetic
  • create 3D printed models
  • create photorealistic images
  • understand the fit and assembly of the components
  • create walkthroughs and animations
  • get costing for manufacture
  • create a Kickstarter or IndiGoGo campaign