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Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

We use our blog to document our process for some projects to give a more in-depth look into how we arrived at a particular design or idea. We also include interesting design stories from from around the web and the various talks and interviews that we do from time to time.

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Designing the John Keells recycling bin

We're really excited to be working with John Keells on their new recycling initiative, plasticcycle. We won the work in partnership with DentsuGrant a month or two ago, and since then we've been working flat out to create the brand, the language and information, and to get the recycle bin designed and made in time for the launch. In truth redesigning the bin wasn't a part of the original brief, instead they were planning on using a simple, box shaped cage based on a sample used in another country, as shown below. However, we managed to pursued them that as

An insert mould for Zero Waste recycling

Hopefully you've already had a read about the work we've been doing with Rice & Carry to take their waste off-cut material and turn it into useful, funky products. The first was our fantastic little wax comb for the surf community, which has been pretty well received it seems. Our second project was a key ring, but what was more interesting was that we decided to make an insert mould this time round to allow for easy modification to the design, or a completely new design altogether. The reason was partly that we've alreday had requests for custom wax combs,

Our user experience and user interface design for Brandsmacker

Some time ago we were approached by a young startup company to see if we could help them with the user experience and interface design of the customer facing side of their web platform. Phew! That was already a mouthful! Well, that's probably quite apt for this project as we were faced with the somewhat daunting task of taking a vast array of graphs, links, sections, information, communication, statistics and goodness knows what else, and organising it into an attractive, engaging and above all useful dashboard. Our first job was to really try and understand what they were trying to

Designing Colombo Jazz Festivals' Website

Colombo Jazz Festival celebrates good music, great food, as well as featuring creative minds and musicians! We were approached by them to design a website for the festival; In 2016 we designed the original website for the Jazz and Blues' festival, but we were able to update it easily using wordpress, making it easier and less time consuming. If you take a look at the website, you can see that the layout is fairly simple, featuring the video we edited and the artists that were performing at the festival. The main aspect of the website is to excite people with the

Rebranding a 50 year old garment company

A while ago we were approached by Timex Garments (Private) Limited to help them rebrand their company in preparation for some re-structuring within the group. Although we'd already worked with them on a recruitment video, it was very flattering to have them entrust their brand overhaul in us, and we set to it with extra creativity and enthusiasm to see what we could come up with. To kick off the process we sent our creative designers to their Colombo HQ to spend the day with them getting under the skin of what the company is all about. This was about

Making the Rice & Carry up-cycled precious-plastic wax comb

We've been having some fun with Henry and Susie from Rice&Carry on various projects, such as the compost toilet that we built at their place in Arugam Bay. During various conversations we discussed the Precious Plastic project, which is a great initiative to try and get more people recycling plastic waste into interesting things. Since there is a large amount of off-cut material, predominantly polypropylene (PP), left over from their bag making process it seemed sensible, and fun, to try and find a way to turn this into some kind of useful thingy.  And since Henry and Lee are both

Building a compost toilet in Arugam Bay

April in Sri Lanka is hot. April in Arugam Bay in Sri Lanka is the hottest. So you might wonder why it was that we decided to undertake a project to build a compost toilet in Arugam Bay in April this year. Well... it was circumstance and timing, serendipity and luck, chance and... in some ways it doesn't really matter. We did it, that's what's important. People often get a bit alarmed at the prospect of a compost toilet, worrying that it will be smelly, dirty, unsanitary and basically not a very nice experience. But if you do it the right

Why Sri Lanka needs design more than ever

There has been a lot of discussion of late about the Sri Lankan economy and what can be done to help create a stable situation with regard to the countries finances. One of the problems that has been highlighted by various people during the Sri Lanka Economic Forum, including a bunch of Harvard experts, is that Sri Lanka still (largely) relies on the same export pool that it has done for the last fifty years, i.e foreign remittances (by way of maids in the Middle East), Garments, Tea, Rubber and Tourism. More recently there is also an amount of programming and

Sri Lanka Traffic and Driving

Traffic in Colombo is like the weather in the UK - it's all anyone talks about. And not in a good way. I made this 24hour Google Maps time lapse of Colombo traffic, it starts at 6am on Friday morning and runs to 6am again. Kinda fascinating to watch... and shows the mess that the city has become. Here are some thoughts on how to improve the situation: Don't drive. Seriously, less cars means less traffic. Jump a bus, tuk or taxi instead, or car-share. Find your bus route on , grab a tuk using @pickme or UBER,


We were approached by the Joint Apparel Association Forum to create their stall for the 2015 Sri Lanka Design Festival. As ever the deadlines were tight and the budget, well, a bit limited! To further complicate matter, JAAF is a consortium of multiple Sri Lankan garment manufacturers, who all wanted as much space as possible to highlight their particular area of expertise. Since the aim of the stall was to promote garment manufacturing in Sri Lanka as a whole, we decided to try and highlight as much of the available processes as possible, telling the complete story of garment manufacturing