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Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

We use our blog to document our process for some projects to give a more in-depth look into how we arrived at a particular design or idea. We also include interesting design stories from from around the web and the various talks and interviews that we do from time to time.

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Adding custom stock numbers to WooCommerce

We have been helping our friends at Midaya Ceramic out with their new shop in Colombo, and one request we had was to do with managing their inventory between the shop and the factory. We suggested using the free WooCommerce platform together with Wordpress so that they had a free online solution that can be accessed anywhere. This also means that down the line they will have a fully populated online shop platform that they can put live to potential online consumers as and when they're ready. However, we cam across a complication which was that they want to be

Colombo Design Market talk on mass production

As a way to introduce some of the requirements for mass production design, and also to raise awareness about how bonkers it is to have all this STUFF manufactured and shipped around the planet, Lee did a workshop at the Colombo Design Market to give an overview. He also did a Tear Down of an apparently simple product, in this case an external hard disk unit, to see how it is designed, what materials it's made from and also why the designers would have chosen those manufacturing techniques and materials for the product. You can view the presentation here:

Why all designers should be using Be My Eyes

I've been using the Be My Eyes app since I heard about it a little while ago through Google Newsstand, and thus far I've helped around seven visually impaired people to 'see' by being their eyes through the phone camera. The basic set up is that if you can see then you download the app and volunteer your eyes, and if you're visually impaired you download the app and when you need to see, for example to read a label, you make a request to the app. This then puts a call out to the volunteers and the first to answer gets
Read more... website design and build

We have recently designed and developed the website for a travel company offering a bespoke and personal holiday in Sri Lanka. We did all aspects in house, including the logo design, the website design and structure and the coding and development using Wordpress. If you're looking to get away from it all then why not visit the site and plan Your Journey now!

Sri Lanka Design Festival 2014

This Thursday marks the start of Sri Lanka Design Festival 2014, which promises to be an interesting weekend of exhibitions and talks here in Colombo. Check out the program below and head over to the offical website for more news and updates. In particular there is a very interesting talk hosted by our good friend and head of the Graphic Design Program which is all about colour:

Solidworks 2015 launch

Colombo Design Studio director and founder Lee Bazalgette was invited to talk at the launch of Solidworks 2015 in Sri Lanka, hosted by Ace Cam Tech. Lee’s presentation focused on some tips and tricks for building robust, easy to manage and edit models in Solidworks, no matter which version you’re using. he introduces the idea of a flat modelling tree structure to the audience, as well as some other tips on feature creation using bodies rather than direct features. If you’d like to have a look at the presentation slides, click here Alternatively, if you’d like to know more about

waggl : navigation aid for the blind

At Colombo Design Studio we’re always having ideas that we think are fun, practical or make life better or easier for people. Waggl (named after the famous dance that bees to to pass on directions) is one of those ideas and we like it so much we thought we draw it up into a bit more detail, so here it is. Waggl is a pair of Bluetooth connected wearable bands that pair with a Smartphone and provide a gentle vibration to provide turn by turn navigation without the user needing to be able to see the smartphone screen or hear

Kids water bottle design for Atlas

We’ve been working on an extensive product design program for Atlast (AKA Ceylon Pencil Company) and a few products are beginning to hit the shop floors, such as these BPA free water bottles for kids, which come in a range of colours as well as three different capacities.

Website update!

We've been working hard this week to get our new website up and running before the end of January... and phew! We did it! It's a pretty simple site but we've not followed the normal structure for menus etc, we're trying something a little different... so as usual, any feedback is more than welcome! Enjoy!

Building the stage set for Electric Peacock Festival 2013

Each year we get involved with the decor and stage design for the Electric Peacock Festival, working closely with students from the Academy of Design to harness their creative energy and build something artistic and fun around the festival theme. This year the theme was set as 'Where the Wild Things Are', taken from the fantastic children's book of the same name. It was decided that we should design and build an enormous mask to put on the front of the stage, but how would it be made? Colombo Design Studio director Lee Bazalgette got things underway by building a frame from