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Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

We use our blog to document our process for some projects to give a more in-depth look into how we arrived at a particular design or idea. We also include interesting design stories from from around the web and the various talks and interviews that we do from time to time.

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Inclusive Design

While the designers role is to think outside of oneself and understand the intended user of the product, the DNA of the brand, the method and facilities for manufacture and production, it is difficult to separate ones ego entirely from the process. There is always an element of personal taste, functional preference or subjective perspective that comes through in any design, more so for the branded designers such as Philippe Stark or Zaha Hadid, and less so for the design consultancies that remain anonymous to the general public. The upshot of this is that people at the fringes of society will often

CII NID Design Summit 2012

This week I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the 12th CII NID Design Summit in New Delhi, India. It was a fairly large gathering of (mostly) product designers from across India, who had come together to meet and discuss Design Thinking and Design Doing, both within the context of the local market but also from a global perspective. India's design sector seems to be having somewhat of a boom, particularly in the field of product design, which is great to see. There seems to be a fair amount of government support and recognition of the value of design, but one thing that

Squeezebox Radio : a designers' review

As a designer I cant help but turn a critical eye to the products, services and experiences that I encounter on a day to day basis. Indeed, we all provide mini reviews when we either recommend, or more often criticise a product to a friend, and these days more publicly through websites, blogs and social networks. However, as a designer maybe I have a more qualified eye to look at the details of a product, and understand what it has taken to get that idea from sketch to a product that has been manufactured, shipped and sold to me at

Sri Lanka Design Festival 2012

Really looking forward to the Sri Lanka Design Festival which launches tomorrow night, not least of which because we have one or two products on display that we've designed in collaboration with a local Sri Lankan crafts person, but best if you visit the show to have a look at those! It's a great concept that the hard-working guys from the Academy of Design have pioneered: the joining of local arts and crafts people with designers to create contemporary pieces that can hopefully build them a more sustainable livelihood. In truth the design that we would normally do is less art-and-crafts and more volume production,

Why I use Google Apps for my New Business

As everybody knows email is a crucial communication tool for any business, and these days it seems to be necessary to carry that information with you wherever you go. When starting a new business it's important to start off on the right track with your email solution as complications down the line can prove a real headache. I know from personal experience how *fun* it can be to try and maintain and recover backups of a Microsoft Exchange server, while people are clamouring "That email I sent last week, I cant find it, WHERE IS IT??!!". Luckily, Google allows you

The World Wide Web as Natural Selection

I've been contemplating for some time now how the World Wide Web is can be seen as a microcosm of the principles of Natural Selection. After all it has many of the same elements and influences that play a part in the evolution of the world around us: The Internet can be seen to represent the planet on which all elements of the World Wide Web have to 'live'. HTML is like the core DNA; the code from which all other elements are built from, well, in some case on top of or next to. But without HTML the whole

The rise of the design aware consumer...

In the last year since moving to Colombo I've noticed a significant rise in the number of design orientated shops in the capital,  particularly a rise in the number of places selling Apple products. The opening of the Herman Miller showroom is also significant since these are very expensive, upmarket products, with a particular focus on design and sustainability. The reason this is of note is because it is an indication that post-war Sri Lankan's have an apetite for good product design and are evidently willing to pay an extra premium for it. For those companies operating at the level of

The Exhibition of Inventions

Went to the BMICH yesterday to check out the exhibition of inventions as organised by the Ministry of Technology and Research. There was a wide variety of items on display, from motorised coconut shavers, to medical devices, power saving electronics and even a small scale wind turbine. What was also great to see where the number of school-age inventors who had taken part, displaying all manner of weird and wonderful inventions that they had come up with by simply answering that question "I wonder if I can solve this problem?". It is great to see support at ministerial level for