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waggl : navigation aid for the blind

At Colombo Design Studio we’re always having ideas that we think are fun, practical or make life better or easier for people. Waggl (named after the famous dance that bees to to pass on directions) is one of those ideas … Continued

Solidworks 2015 launch

Colombo Design Studio director and founder Lee Bazalgette was invited to talk at the launch of Solidworks 2015 in Sri Lanka, hosted by Ace Cam Tech. Lee’s presentation focused on some tips and tricks for building robust, easy to manage … Continued

Website update!

We’ve been working hard this week to get our new website up and running before the end of January… and phew! We did it! It’s a pretty simple site but we’ve not followed the normal structure for menus etc, we’re … Continued

The rise of the design aware consumer…

In the last year since moving to Colombo I’ve noticed a significant rise in the number of design orientated shops in the capital,  particularly a rise in the number of places selling Apple products. The opening of the Herman Miller showroom … Continued