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Mommy Halo


We were challenged to design a stand for pregnant mothers to safely and comfortably rest a tablet, such as an iPad, on their pregnant belly.


From the beginning this was an interesting project since the ergonomic factors relating to a pregnancy term are wide and varied, and of course ever changing. Furthermore, we wanted a product that would be usable to everyone, not just pregnant women.


The donut shaped Mommy Halo provides a stable platform by resting over the pregnant belly. Silicone grippers help the product stay put and the adjustable angle allows for any comfortable viewing angle.

By using a fabric outer cover, which can be easily removed to be washed or replaced, the Halo becomes a fashion accessory, able to be customised with a range of covers to suit individual tastes.

Baby Assured says

"We asked CDS to create something original in a new market which is no easy task. We couldn't be happier with our final product. Their patience and professionalism throughout this process have been fantastic. Baby Assured is a start-up company and CDS allowed many staff members to help out with all facets of our business including finding a factory for production. CDS' superior creative skills and pragmatism allowed us to be in the competitive position Baby Assured is in today. Thanks, Team! "

Anthony Ayers | Owner

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