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June 25, 2018 By Ruwini Perera

“The tech world is jumping on the design world” says Google’s head of hardware design

“The tech world is jumping on the design world at the moment because they see opportunities – and not just financial ones,” said Ross. “Technology is now here to stay and we’ve got more comfortable with it.” ……digital products could seamlessly integrate with workplaces and homes by adopting the visual language and material palette of interior objects.

“We talk a lot about craft versus technology,” she said. “Technology won’t eclipse craft. You don’t have to make that choice. It would have been easier for us to make black metal boxes that would contain our technology, but that’s not what we did. We spent the time overcoming the technical challenges.

She concluded: “I started as a metalsmith. I’m not going to give up craft for technology, and I urge the public not to either.”

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Google’s Ivy Ross believes that incorporating textiles and crafted elements into technology will help better integrate it into people’s lives