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Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

Recycled Bag Buckle


Rice&Carry wanted a mould for their Precious Plastic moulding machine to make a buckle for a new range of bags


We wanted to make a clean and simple design that could be used across a range of bag designs. We also needed to be able to manufacture the mould on our in house CNC machine!


The bag buckle is now in place on a wide range of products, from yoga-matt bags to satchels, and since they're made from post-consumer-waste recycled plastic their helping to reduce the landfill burden even more!

You can read about how we designed and made them here:

Rice & Carry says

"Working with CDS is as smooth as it gets. The team is super responsive, passionate about innovation and best of all they know how to bring things from paper to the real world. We have worked with them on several projects from product design, model manufacturing, branding to webdesign and the results are always fresh and well thought through down to every detail. You need design work on an international level made in Sri Lanka? - Colombo Design Studio is your team."

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