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Waste Less A-Bay


Design and Create a space for WLABs to facilitate their main functions of reducing plastic consumption, waste problems and educate the public about positive alternatives


The WLAB space consists of two shipping containers that are placed in the heart of the Arugam Bay 'strip'. One container is dedicated to bale those hideous plastic bottles and to provide filtered water for refill. The other container had to be fitted out with low tech recycling machinery and education space equipped with Precious Plastic recycling equipment and and various moulds (that we had previously designed and made) for everyone to learn about recycling and make a product from waste plastic


As well as being practical for it's day to day purpose, we wanted their to be a little surprise-and-delight to the experience the people had in the space, as well as some real 'oh wow' moments. While looking around at various statistics on plastic waste we stumbled upon some info on the huge amount of water (7 litres), oil (180ml) and CO2 (100g) that is used to produce just one plastic PET bottle. So we put that into a weighing machine balance that the visitor places their water bottle on while filling it. This also acts as a LED activated counter to show how many bottles have been refilled (and thus how much water etc has been saved)

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