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We design great products

Product design is what we do. We take an idea, some functionality, a brand identity and a lot of creativity and we bring it all together to make real products that have real purpose.

3D printing, CNC and prototyping

These days everybody seems to be talking about 3D printing, indeed it is often heralded as the disruptive technology of the moment. While we have been using these tools for many years, it’s interesting to watch it become more affordable and more mainstream. Alongside traditional hand-made modelling techniques, we also have a full three-axis CNC milling machine allowing us to make high precision components in plastic, aluminium and mild steel. Of course, 3D printing is nothing without a 3D CAD model… just as a colour printer is nothing without a colour image to print! We can create your 3D model for you, whether it be a simple bracket for your car or a complicated sculpture. With our trusted partners 3D Concept Studio we are then able to print out the design at competition slamming prices!

Product visualisation

Sometimes a back-of-an-envelope sketch is just not enough to really see your idea come to life. Using advanced 3D CAD techniques and photorealistic rendering we are able to present your product as it will be seen in real life. This includes realistic materials and colours, correct scale and context and you can even view it on the table in front of you using the eDrawings Augmented Reality viewer. If you need to get your pack shots done but your product is still in the tooling stage, why not let us create the images for you virtually. You can save on expensive appearance models, have multiple colour and finish options and as many views and lighting scenarios as required.

Design for manufacture

Even the best ideas are nothing without implementation, and a key part of that implementation is ensuring that what you have designed can actually be made. And by made we mean on a commercial scale, not knocked up in a workshop using cardboard, glue and scissors, but using production techniques suited to the materials, scale, functionality and price point of the product. Whether you’re hoping to 3D print ten products, or injection mould ten-thousand, we have the know how to ensure that it’s done right and ready to go. We know that the investment in injection mould tools, casting and even 3D printing is significant, so we use advanced CAD techniques to analyse each part before committing to production. Write us an email Email us using