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June 25, 2018 By Ruwini Perera

Davora Tea – A passionate story about premium tea


Jar Mockup


From tea bud to tea pot, Davora Tea is a product that comes from many people working together as a community to create a unique flavour across all the varieties. We were asked to create a logo that encapsulates the journey of the single origin teas that contain no additives or blending and is harvested by families from small ‘home garden’ estates in Sri Lanka. Along with the logo, we created a minimal display rack made out of birch wood that allows customers to smell and test touch the loose tea before a purchase is made. We conceptualized various type of packaging from designed wooden canisters, glass jars, and paper based packs.

Davora actively believes in socially enabling and educating its home garden estate growers with the correct information in cultivating their crops from seeding to harvest to correct storage procedures. At a time where estates workers and growers seek other types of mainstream employment they understand the value of contributing to the dying art of hand plucking tea culture and way of life, while helping growers to sustain and secure reasonable profits in this competitive environment. The entire supply chain is based on a robust sense of social responsibility, equitable wealth distribution on all levels and a unique story to the end consumer.

You can find Davora Artisinal Loose Tea at Hotel Toniwa Kollpity


Davora Tea Logo