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January 5, 2016 By adminCDS


We were approached by the Joint Apparel Association Forum to create their stall for the 2015 Sri Lanka Design Festival. As ever the deadlines were tight and the budget, well, a bit limited! To further complicate matter, JAAF is a consortium of multiple Sri Lankan garment manufacturers, who all wanted as much space as possible to highlight their particular area of expertise.

Since the aim of the stall was to promote garment manufacturing in Sri Lanka as a whole, we decided to try and highlight as much of the available processes as possible, telling the complete story of garment manufacturing in Sri Lanka, and decided on the theme of ‘A Window into the World of Sri Lankan Garment Manufacture’ as a foundation for the design concept.

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Our aim was to try and describe the process from concept design through to production, and use the window as a metaphor for looking into Sri Lanka at the garment industry. Rather than use solid walls for the stall, we decided instead that the clothes, the sketches and even the thread that make the items should create the space instead.



We used Solidworks to build a 3D model of the stall to the correct size and shape, and designed it to be made from modular panels that could be rotated around to give a more exciting and random feel, but without complicating the production of each frame.


We also used Solidworks to create the 2D detail drawings that were provided to the carpenter in order to quote and then eventually construct the frame.


We used a series of halogen down-lighters to add some illumination, and a central ‘island’ where we mounted two television screens and some mannequins to bring the stall to life.