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January 25, 2016 By adminCDS

Sri Lanka Traffic and Driving

Traffic in Colombo is like the weather in the UK – it’s all anyone talks about. And not in a good way.

I made this 24hour Google Maps time lapse of Colombo traffic, it starts at 6am on Friday morning and runs to 6am again. Kinda fascinating to watch… and shows the mess that the city has become.

Here are some thoughts on how to improve the situation:

Don’t drive. Seriously, less cars means less traffic. Jump a bus, tuk or taxi instead, or car-share. Find your bus route on , grab a tuk using @pickme or UBER, Carpool with … ride a bike … walk … crawl (it will still be faster than sitting in traffic…)

Give Way. Half the jams I see are simply impatience and selfishness… pulling out into other people, lane floating and so on. The ‘Lane Discipline Law’ is being thoroughly ignored, but it would make a big difference if people were to at least try…