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December 8, 2014 By adminCDS

waggl : navigation aid for the blind

At Colombo Design Studio we’re always having ideas that we think are fun, practical or make life better or easier for people. Waggl (named after the famous dance that bees to to pass on directions) is one of those ideas and we like it so much we thought we draw it up into a bit more detail, so here it is.

Waggl is a pair of Bluetooth connected wearable bands that pair with a Smartphone and provide a gentle vibration to provide turn by turn navigation without the user needing to be able to see the smartphone screen or hear the instructions.

Waggl navigation aid for the blind and visually impaired.While we initially designed these for the blind or visually impaired, of course they could be useful for anyone who wants to be able to make use of turn by turn navigation without the distraction of having to pay attention to a smartphone, such as cyclists for example.

If you’d like to help us make Waggl a reality please get in touch!