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Lion Beer Retail Space


Lion Brewery asked us to create a modern, welcoming and unique beer shop space that would be modular and flexible enough to be used across the multitude of outlets across Sri Lanka. The project was affectionately known as 'Jail to Retail' since the existing spaces have jailbars to protect the serving counter from unruly patrons!


We approached the space from a human-centred and functional perspective, taking into account the varying users who would pass through the space during the day. This meant analysing shelf-loading and warehousing of the hundreds of bottles and crates to be found often lying around in the floor of the outlet. It also meant understanding the rush of customers at different times of day, their often hurried demands and how we could create both a relaxing shopping experience and a 'fast-food' beer outlet!


We broke our design down into modular units that could be configured according to the space available. We also created a separate 'rush-hour' serving counter to ensure that regular clientele would get what they need, while allowing for a cool, calm and welcoming environment in the rest of the outlet.

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